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Greetings my friends! I'm glad you've joined me. My blog reveals the secrets and the lies within the pages of Zombacter: Center City Contagion. This pile of rubbish was put forth by my nemesis, Professor Jake Northrop, under one of his pseudonyms. He's done these things to discredit and destroy me but I will have you know the truth. I will show you the day by day happenings in the Potterfield Bioengineering Facility that led to the tragic Center City Contagion. I will take you on a journey of pain. Pain that I endured during my transformation into what I am today. Pain that will never end and it is ALL JAKE NORTHROP'S FAULT!


Interesting Development

Last night I awoke with my arm aching. It was very hot and felt puffy when I touched it. I switched on the bathroom light to discover what appeared to be septicemia (a blood infection) radiating from the bite wound on the backside of my hand and moving up my arm.

Like anyone, I was very scared but I’ve decided to treat this as an experiment. I’ve researched infectious diseases carried by rabbits and they are satisfyingly few. With this in mind, I’ve increased the dosage of antibiotics and I’m getting plenty of rest so I should be fine. Still…I’m torn between going back to the doctor and wasting what little stipend I have left, and waiting this out. If Krattatech would just give me an advance on the product I’ve provided, this wouldn’t be happening! No, if Jake Northrop would’ve done the sensible thing and partnered with them THIS would NEVER have happened!

It’s the professor’s fault! I was exhausted from chasing leads on possible joint venture partners when his precious rabbit attacked me!

Ruminating upon this is not doing me any good. I don’t feel like myself. I told Jennifer that I had the flu. She needs to stay away from me until this passes. I feel like I’m becoming someone else. Of course, I just realized that Jennifer is probably the only person actually reading my Blog, Her and BLAINE! MORON!

I’m not thinking clearly.

Good night.

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Unknown said...

Chicks! Whatcha gonna do? Really. Look you want this "Blaine" guy taken care of? Let me know. I've got friends who've got friends who've seen movies where guys like Blaine disappear. Oh yeah. For what it's worth, I think you're arm looks cool. Party on, Rube-man. Party on.