A Blog By Ruben Stanley (aka Patrick Bingham)

Greetings my friends! I'm glad you've joined me. My blog reveals the secrets and the lies within the pages of Zombacter: Center City Contagion. This pile of rubbish was put forth by my nemesis, Professor Jake Northrop, under one of his pseudonyms. He's done these things to discredit and destroy me but I will have you know the truth. I will show you the day by day happenings in the Potterfield Bioengineering Facility that led to the tragic Center City Contagion. I will take you on a journey of pain. Pain that I endured during my transformation into what I am today. Pain that will never end and it is ALL JAKE NORTHROP'S FAULT!


King of Everything

My subjects,

I tried to reason with you. I showed you what Jake Northrop did to me! I tried to enlighten those I cared about, Jennifer I'm talking to you. But your puny minds can not comprehend the power I wield. So be it.

I've re-evaluated my transformation. I fought the power instilled within me. I sought vengeance upon Jake Northrop for the horrors I endured. Now I see clearly! I was destined to rule all lower life forms and as your new King, I invite your willing adulation. Just remember, if you are not part of my army, then you will be crushed beneath it.

Ruben - King of Everything

P.S. I'm still going to eliminate Jake Northrop!


Unknown said...

Hey, Rube. Don't feel so bad. Take a bad day. And make it better.

Do you like the Beatles? I don't mean as infestations that slowly destroy a civilization. I mean like as three guitars and a drummer. Yeah. They broke up two albums too late, but still: great stamp on the world.

I think music is your medium. Hey, I heard the tune on this blog, and I think it is incredible. And I'm sitting here saying, "Guy wants to be King? Why not the King of Rock-n-Roll?" Am I right? Yeah. Thought so.

Look, you get into the music business, and you have a hit record, you'll see the throngs of people. And the babes? There as well. Don't worry about the complexion either: if they are throwing themselves at Ozzy, they can stomach anything.

So, get out there. Maybe tone down the "I'm going to dominate everyone on earth" rhetoric just for the initial press gambit, and get something down on tape or vinyl or whatever they record tracks on these days.

You'll rule them all right. "And party every day!" Yeah.

julz said...

I agree that jam was very kewl I had no idea you created t hat too. It sounds fab. Do it all muahahahahhahahahhaha