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Greetings my friends! I'm glad you've joined me. My blog reveals the secrets and the lies within the pages of Zombacter: Center City Contagion. This pile of rubbish was put forth by my nemesis, Professor Jake Northrop, under one of his pseudonyms. He's done these things to discredit and destroy me but I will have you know the truth. I will show you the day by day happenings in the Potterfield Bioengineering Facility that led to the tragic Center City Contagion. I will take you on a journey of pain. Pain that I endured during my transformation into what I am today. Pain that will never end and it is ALL JAKE NORTHROP'S FAULT!



I've have just now seen Jennifer's tweets and although she posted the link for you to hear my music (shameless plug for my music - centercity), I must say I'm not impressed by the quality of her other statements.

Jennifer, I assume you are following my blog unofficially because you commented on my post about Blaine. You should try showing the world that you have more intelligence and more substance to your character than a reality star from Jersey Shore. I've included your Twitter link here so that MY FRIENDS can see that I'm not the one who's being a child.

Oh, and Blaine is still a moron.


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Unknown said...

Rube-a-roni: Love the tunes. Nice. Dark. Melodic. Drums remind me of my uncle Keith Moon who died a long time ago. Solid drummer. Long story. Anyway, I read those twitter posts. Lame. Sheesh. Jennifer and this Blaine guy are...dumb! Yeah. That's right. Was wondering if that peekaboo black thing had a twitpic attachment? I mean I just thought you might know if it was posted and taken down or what. Anyway, rock on! Yeah.