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When Rabbits Attack!

The lab animals we have been working with are normally just cute and furry. Today one of the rabbits went nuts and attacked his mate. Both of them were in bad shape after the fight and one of them didn't make it.

I tried my best to separate them and that's when one of the little monsters bit me! I had to get stitches and my hand is hurting like hell.

So for me and the dead rabbit, today sucked!

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Unknown said...

Mr. Stanley:

We here at PETA are monitoring your treatment of these animals. I can say personally that rodent-on-rodent crime is terrible and when it's assault, we all lose. Trying to separate them was the right thing. We advocate non-violent interaction with all our furry friends. Sometimes just letting them have a cooling off period to think about their anger helps a rabbit realize, "Hey. I'm not mad at fluffy. I'm mad a me."

The brutal conclusion to your episode shows that you might want to take a better approach next time. Or we will have to break into your lab and rescue all of these animals from your experiments. Come to think of it, we might just do that anyway. It's the weekend and all. Yeah. Never mind. Thanks.