A Blog By Ruben Stanley (aka Patrick Bingham)

Greetings my friends! I'm glad you've joined me. My blog reveals the secrets and the lies within the pages of Zombacter: Center City Contagion. This pile of rubbish was put forth by my nemesis, Professor Jake Northrop, under one of his pseudonyms. He's done these things to discredit and destroy me but I will have you know the truth. I will show you the day by day happenings in the Potterfield Bioengineering Facility that led to the tragic Center City Contagion. I will take you on a journey of pain. Pain that I endured during my transformation into what I am today. Pain that will never end and it is ALL JAKE NORTHROP'S FAULT!


Zombie King of Everything Available on Amazon!

You can get your copy of Zombie King of Everything, the follow-up to the best seller, Center City Contagion, by following the Amazon Link below.

Zombie King of Everything is far superior to Jake Northrop's Triple C.
Guaranteed to make you spew, hurl chunks, or otherwise just plain enjoy yourself!

Zombie King of Everything


Zombie King of Everything Coming This Fall!

Here is the working version of the book cover with some filler info on the back. It will be tweaked between now and release date. Three talented zombie artists contributed their awesome work to complete this masterpiece. Jake Northrop's book pales in comparison with my opus, and it's all about me, Ruben Stanley!


Interview and Book Review


Excellent interview and book review from the Oklahoma Gazette. It's amazing how many people believe I'm Jake Northrop!



Lotus Comics Press Interviews Ruben Stanley

Lotus Comics Press Interview : see it here!

I successfully passed myself off once again as the author Sean Bingham who is just Jake Northrop's pen name!

I tell you, it's about time good ole Ruben Stanley wrote a book. I think I will call it, "The Zombie King of Everything." Rolls off the tongue rather nicely don't you think? It will be the follow-up to Jake Northrop's book of lies. Only this time everyone will read the truth about him!


What a lady killer

Underground Monster Carnival

This is an old school carnival themed convention with prizes, costume contest, B-movie-style film room, haunted room, special Coney Island style exibits, vendors, fun workshops, music and much much more..!
Ruben Stanley (Ehem...Sean Bingham) will be on hand to discuss his latest Sci-Fi zombie novel, Zombacter, along with his second book in the Zombacter series.

We will post numerous signs, throughout the property, directing traffic to the appropriate gate.
For the collector in everyone the show will be filled with vendors selling sci-fi, fantasy, horror, steampunk, and low-brow arts and crafts,  as well as comics, books, movies, and apparel.
What kind of event would this be if we didn't encourage EVERYONE to get dressed up! We want to see monsters, super heroes, movie/tv characters, scary creatures from beyond, sexy pin-ups and rockabilly greasers, steampunk, anime/cosplay, and of course we LOVE anyone who gets creative and creates something new! Why dress up you ask? Well, wouldn't you like to win a great prize from one of our fabulous sponsors? Of course you would everyone loves to win!!!

Maps & Directions call:
(405) 948-6704

Getting to State Fair Park
State Fair Park is located just northeast of the I-40 & I-44 intersection, at the 10th St. East exit off of I-44. State Fair Park is spread out over 435 acres, and is one of the largest, most versatile facilities in the nation.


Awesome Book Signing

It was great! The humans never even realized I wasn't Sean Bingham, Jake Northrop's pen name and alter ego.  I even got to bite one of his fans. He will make a wonderful addition to my soldiers.


Full Circle Bookstore's New Ink Series

Greetings fellow zombies. If any of you can understand this, meet me at Full Circle Bookstore February 18th from 3-5 pm. I'll be there, in all my zombie-goodness, to fill in for the author of Zombacter. I'll be signing all his books, RUBEN STANLEY!!! Muwah-ha-ha-ha!

See you there!

Ruben Stanley - King of Everything!


The Resurrectionist

Where do I begin? My army grows as does my power. I've secured the services of sac'em ups to supply me with fresh material for my experiments. Why would human minions choose to work for me, you may ask. Because they are greedy and I made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

In other news, I went back to Potterfield Bioengineering to look for my friends. It seems that someone beat me to the punch. Jennifer and her meddling father are dead and beyond even my reach. It's a shame. They would've made fine additions to my army.

Enough for now. I have work to do and I'm feeling very hungry.